this kitty wandered up to our house a few weeks ago already tame & starving… lucky her. im not sure who put her out but she couldn’t have picked a better yard. i have a heart for all animals, especially cats. we have 2 outside cats (courtesy of our neighbor moving and leaving them behind) and 2 cats indoors that belong to my roommate…and now ginger. when I went off to college my pets became my parents pets and I haven’t had my own in 6 years…so this is kind of a big deal. she is the sweetest thing & i’m glad she found me. right now she is curled up between me and the computer leaving just enough room for me to type …she knows how this works already.  I know you’re thinking “crazy cat lady” but I don’t believe in those 3 words put together. you’re only crazy if you have more animals than you can take care of. cats make me happy & dogs make me happy…but i’m not having to come home on my lunch break to “let the cat out.” i’m sure a dog will wander up when the time is right…but for now, low maintenance- yes please.

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  • Katie - December 31, 2010 - 5:23 pm

    So cute! I’m a cat person too! *like*ReplyCancel

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